I'm Angry Because Idiots


the offspring of lightning and death itself…!




I’m hiding naked in my closet because there are mattress delivery men in my bedroom and no one thought to tell me so I was just doing my naked thing after my shower and then I was very unceremoniously shoved into my closet and I don’t know how long I have to be here I don’t have snacks or anything

update: I found a chocolate bar on my shelf but also my phone battery is at 20% I feel like bear grylls

don’t you have clothes in your closet


Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal


Fighting dragon-type Pokémon in X & Y likeimage


Laugh it up hyena! :D

I promised some time ago that I would make more tattoo like designs and here’s the first one!

Available at

My society6!

My Redbubble! (stickers yay!)

Warning to anyone who uses deviantART! [PLEASE REBLOG]



If you get a note like this from this guy, ignore it. Delete it. If you ask what his daughter likes, he’ll try sending you a very suspicious folder with random art in it, as well as a virus.


Please spread this around because someone who doesn’t know any better can really wind up getting screwed over. Thank you!


'you're too old for pokemon'

I believe we are called VETERAN TRAINERS, THANK YOU

and uh yeah
every student at the end of their presentation (via iheart-stonefield)